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For all our wonderful jewellery-making & beading clients looking for Swarovski crystals at excellent prices, with the news of the recent changes in Swarovski's global pricing structure (resulting in a range of price decreases, particularly for the Southern Hemisphere buyers), and the announcement of our Official Distributor Partner NZ status, it's as though everything good has come at once! We seriously advise you to take another look at our Beads, Pearls and Pendants sections as we continue to put all our new prices (& quantity discounts) in place.

Featured product

Swarovski Round Pearl Art 5810 White 4mm


Swarovski Button Art 1770 Crystal/Translucent 9mm


Preciosa Trim 3 row Crystal in Silver METAL

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" You are a treasure, not only do I love the sparkles that arrive I adore the email messages you send. Thank you for being the amazing agile person who gets the last minute order out the door. I sincerely appreciate it. "


Donna Writes...

Swarovski's new global pricing structure is coming into effect and is going to be significantly in NZ suppliers' favour. OMGee-ee yessie doodie. It sees significant price decreases for us, mainly in the Beads and Pendants ranges, but already in the Sew-On's ranges also. It sees many products in these ranges going down by between 10% to 40%. THAT'S HUGE NEWS!! (We are in the process of revising all our prices downwards in accordance with these, and are now onto the bead and pendant ranges, with what we currently have on the website and any items not yet on the website but soon to be added, in a state of review), yes, yes, yes! WATCH THIS SPACE IS ALL WE CAN SAY! We've also just been officially welcomed by Swarovski as their Official Distribution Partner in NZ. More to come on that later. A proud day:))