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For all our wonderful jewellery-making & beading clients looking for Swarovski crystals at excellent prices, with the news of the recent changes in Swarovski's global pricing structure (resulting in a range of price decreases, particularly for the Southern Hemisphere buyers), and the announcement of our Official Distributor Partner NZ status, it's as though everything good has come at once! We seriously advise you to take another look at our Beads, Pearls and Pendants sections as we continue to put all our new prices (& quantity discounts) in place.

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Swarovski Round Pearl Art 5810 White 4mm


Swarovski Button Art 1770 Crystal/Translucent 9mm


Preciosa Trim 3 row Crystal in Silver METAL

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Donna Writes...

Hi everyone, So it's almost the end of February, most everyone's kids are back to school now and/or starting their academic year. All fun and games, and quite literally too, as this time of the year always involves school swimming sports, athletics days, school camps and team musters. On the work front, it's great to be hearing from clients who are emerging after the summer hibernation from rhinestoning and beading. And it's great to be hearing from more new clients involved in the film, tv, and costuming industry (and some old ones returning). This week we have an aim to add the massive stash of lacemotifs that we've had carefully packed in boxes ready for the right season to bring them out. These can be used for fashion, tutus, barefoots and lyricals, wedding dresses and accessories, belly-dancing, dancesport, ceroc and latin, and in jewellery-making. They're so versatile, but I have to force myself to keep my hands of them (!) as my urge is to bling them all-llll up to sell! But, that wouldn't leave any room for YOUR creativity now would it?! These lace motifs (unblinged - and you know what I've been doing if there ARE any that are blinged ;o) will be here on the website when they do go live. Hope yours is a great week. It's worth it being so and you are worth it being so too! x Donna @ Rhinestonz & Beads