Back Order Policy

According to our experience and current trends... 

...we do our utmost to hold stock at levels that suit the needs of the market. 

Occasionally however, due to high demand, or sometimes unavailability even at source from Preciosa or Swarovski (* see below), an item may be low or out of stock.

Should an item be out of stock... get to choose what will happen once you get to checkout. This policy is included in our Terms and Conditions for placing an order with us.

You'll have the option of choosing;

"Hold the order and contact me" (NB; this option is the default option if you don't actively choose either one of the next two...)
"Send what you've got and refund the balance"
"Substitute with something similar to the same value"

If you choose (or by default choose) "Hold the order and contact me"...

...we'll contact you, offer some options and await your response (please be contactable if you've chosen this option!). Options may include suitable alternatives that come to the same value, to hold the order until all item/s are back in stock and send altogether, send in two shipments (the second parcel may be subject to extra shipping costs at our discretion), or for us to refund the shortage/item value.

We're not responsible for any consequences due to any items being temporarily out of stock or discontinued.

*A bit of 'insider knowledge' ...

As we source all our Swarovski product directly from Swarovski, and all our Preciosa product directly from Preciosa, and as these companies have large stock inventories themselves, most times 'in program' or 'Standard Production' items are available all the time. 

Occasionally however, even an 'in program' or 'Standard Production' item can sometimes be out of stock at source, and the wait can be up to 1-3 weeks while the item gets put into production again. 

There are also 'Special Production' items. These may or may not have stock available at any one time at Swarovski or Preciosa. If any 'Special Production' item is low or out of stock here, but in stock at source then delivery to us is usually under 1-2 weeks.  

If any 'Special Production' item is low or out of stock here, and no stock is available at source then we are all subject to the rhinestone-powers-that-be as to 'if and when' that item may or may not be produced again. 

Remember - trends are ever-changing and Swarovski and Preciosa know what is selling and what isn't from their unique vantage points, so just because 'we' all like it doesn't mean they have a sufficient market to continue production for it unabated!

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"Hi Donna, Nice to speak with you again. The parcel arrived today and all I can say is WOW! I see what you mean about the Swarovski being a 'cut above' other crystals. They are absolutely gorgeous. "

- R.D. from THAMES

Donna Writes...

Hope you're enjoying the TV3 Dancing with the Stars season which is on at the moment! We do enjoy seeing our rhinestones sparkling on the costumes, and wish all the competitors and their dance partners the very best of luck!