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Working out what 'quality' means for you

Just finished talking with a long-standing client about various stone and embellishment options for new projects.

We both agreed that Swarovski and Preciosa are at the top end of the market, but for a very good reason! They are the best!

Now for some applications this doesn't factor in too much, and for some instances a lesser grade of embellishment will suffice, but remember (as my dear Dad always says) long after you've finished paying for quality you've forgot the cost and are still enjoying the quality.

Work out what 'quality' means to you. Does it mean buying with confidence? Are you making an heirloom piece? What is the re-sale requirement of your item? Is it about enabling you to be the best on the stage or floor? Getting the best marks for presentation in your class or grade? Advancing your performing career with the detail as well as the long efforts you've put in? Is it not having to worry about the quality and performance of an item or if you've made the right choice? 

Quality can mean many things to many people, but working out what 'quality' means to you is an important thing to think and can make your decisions so much easier!

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Donna Writes...

Pleased to say we are gradually broadening our range of stocked colours in Preciosa Hotfix Flatbacks during May to August.