Jewellery Findings / Gold Plated Bail with 5.25mm Loop

Gold Plated Bail with 5.25mm Loop

Gold Plated Bail with 5.25mm Loop

Bails (bales) usually have prongs, which are designed to be inserted into pre-drilled pendants (focals) which then enables the pendant or focal to be able to be used in necklace, tiara and earring designs. Gold-plating is created using an electro-chemical process that places a layer of Gold on copper, brass, or some other base metal. 

These Pinch Bails have the additional feature of a handy and attractively shaped loop for threading directly onto a beaded necklace or chain, with no extra need for other rings or attached findings to do so.

Overall Measurements Entire length is 17mm. Length of lower component is 8mm with an additional 3mm closed ring on it's top. Length of upper component is 5.25mm.

Inside Hole Measurements Lower component has a height clearance of 6mm. Upper component has space for a chain or beads that are 5.25mm height x 5mm depth maximum.

Prong Measurements 2mm length each prong

Colour Gold

Material Gold Plated Base Metal

Country of Origin People's Republic of China

Which Swarovski Pendants does this work well with? This bail works superbly with all the Art 6202 or Art 6228 Heart Pendants 14.4mm to 18mm and all the Art 6106 Pear Pendants to 28mm, plus most other Swarovski pendants up to 38mm and smaller.

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