ADHESIVES, TOOLS & CONTAINERS / E6000 Adhesive 'Jewellery & Bead' 1oz with Precision tips CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE NZ

E6000 Adhesive 'Jewellery & Bead' 1oz with Precision tips CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE NZ

E6000 Adhesive 'Jewellery & Bead' 1oz with Precision tips CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE NZ

This amazing adhesive is world-famous for it's incredible adhesion and performance. It's also known for it's pongy fumes and vapours. For this reason we list a detailed health warning below.

Being so sought after, the E6000 range of adhesives are also frequently imitated. Fake copies of the brand and glue are increasingly available. We have had this verified by Eclectic Products Inc, the inventors and manufacturers of the E6000 range. Buy from a reputable source only! We buy directly from Eclectic Products Inc in the USA and are approved to sell their product that you see here.

Contains Perchloroethylene, a chemical known to the State of California as cancer-causing, and a chemical known by the rest of the world as a possible cancer agent. You should not breathe the vapours from E6000. It is also advised that you should use it with open ventilation and/or an exhaust fan to remove the vapours while using it. You can also purchase a respirator from a hardware store (different grades of functionality are available so please check it is suitable for use with your level of exposure to E6000), which is something you would do best to seriously consider doing if you use E6000 heavily in your work or craft. You should avoid skin contact with the adhesive, and you should wash thoroughly after using E6000. You should also not use it around children. Exposure to E6000 may result in nausea, headaches, confusion or instability. This is an amazing adhesive, but you have been warned! If in doubt, please consider our alternative and non-toxic adhesive - Gem-tac.

Suitable for use on fabric, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, rubber, vinyl, plastic, tile, leather, cement

  • Washable and dryer safe. Industrial strength
  • Flexible when dry
  • Clear when dry
  • Non-flammable
  • Waterproof
  • Photo safe
  • Not dry-cleanable
  • Not recommended for paper craft, polystyrene craft, polyethelene surafces, or polypropelene surfaces, or items that come into contact with food, water, or animals
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Contents 29.5 millilitres (1.0 fl oz)
  • As a help to know the quantity this would be, the tube is 10cm long and 2.5cm to 3.5cm wide


Fantastic! The precision tips work only with this 1oz E6000. Each tip is suitable for a one-time use as they are difficult to clean once used. The precision tips are replaceable (there are 3 in a packet) but can also be re-used again and again if you're prepared to let the glue inside the tip dry out then peel it out.


When applying rhinestones or gluing beads into place, dab directly onto the surface you want to embellish and use tweezers, a Tanto Tool, or our favourite method - blu-tac on the end of a pencil - to place each stone into the glue area and press gently down.


24-72 hours

$10.20 Per each
International Free Shipping by Airmail for orders over NZD250

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